Upsize Office Supplies

Branding & UI

With the growing interest of online shopping for supplies and furniture, there is less demand for physical office supply stores. Upsize is an eCommerce app that lets users shop through categories of any office supply needs. Commercial to office users looking to order in bulk, can purchase up to 200 of one item. Upsize also covers the user looking to revamp their office space.


When ordering online, there is a lack of organization of displaying many items and grouping them in a way so the user doesn't get overwhelmed. After shopping, the interaction shouldn't stop and the user should receive notifications or reminders about their ordered items, items left in their cart, and when their items are on their way. For users who simply want to buy furniture, there isn't a way they can see how it would look in their space to know if they actually will like it or not.


The solution was organizing content in a clean and minimal layout so that the user can easily flow through the process. Upsize offers the user to see if a piece of furniture is the perfect fit in their office space. Upsize will give banner alerts about an order, and fun little messages to keep customers happy.


Upsize attracts commercial customers for large distributions, company customers who order for the whole department, and people who like nice things and a lot of it.

Logo, Secondary & App Logo

Upsize combines its image + lettermark forming a paperclip and logo font. The primary logo is incorporated in the introduction screen, while the secondary logo is used apart of the navigation for every screen, and the paperclip for the app logo.


Gibson is a humanist sans serif designed by a Canadian designer, Rod McDonald. This typeface shows the playfulness of Upsize, and SF UI Text represents its professionalism of office supplies and the people who order from it.

The pattern was created from the fun category icons from Upsize's home page, it's used on the introduction screen & the packaging touchpoints.

App Highlights

With so many categories, subcategories and different types of items, this highlight displays the organization of Upsize so users do not get overwhelmed or lost when looking for items.

This group of screens shows the process the user goes through when they have filled their cart of desired items. It shows the users cart where they can edit the amount of items or delete them altogether with the pencil tool, they can cancel the items in the cart or go back if they forgot an item. Once the user continues, they will enter in their information on shipping, billing and payments details and have the option to save their credentials for future purchases. The last task is reviewing their order, where again they can go back or cancel, edit the name of their order to make it more personal, choose a type of shipping and finally, pay.

In the apps calendar, the user can view when their order(s) will arrive and what time under the reminders drop down. The user will have the option of reordering the same items in two or three months, and when it will arrive.

If the user chooses to allow push notifications, Upsize will send notifications about their order and fun puns to keep the customer engaged and happy.