Branding & UI

Hoppy is an app where users who aren't accustomed to beer or just can't find the right one, find their perfect match. Hoppy involves a questionnaire about ones preference and palette to generate beer suggestions based on their answers. Specific beers will be chosen for the user to decide yes, no and maybe. The options will change based on the beers the user matches with and rate for endless beer dating.


People often turn down beer or don't know what type to choose because of taste and of not knowing which would be best for them.


The solution was to create an app for users to discover and learn about the types of beer and which to try based on a personalized palette questionnaire. Based on the users interests in other types of alcohol, the app gathers what type of hints the user enjoys, along with bitterness level, color, and more.


Hoppy is for the people who never walked down the beer aisle, for the people who drank beer because that's all the party had, and for the people who are acclaimed craft gurus looking to try something new.

Brand Voice

Hoppy is light hearted and focused on finding your true love.

Logo & App Logo

The app name, Hoppy, is the term brewers use to measure the taste or aroma of hops. The primary tagline is the features the app carries & the secondary tagline, "cause when you find the right beer, you're happy," that inspired to make the Y into a happy face.


The logo typeface, Montserrat is a geometric sans and was designed by Julieta Vanovsky. Montserrat is fun and inviting, and Questrial best resembled it as a secondary paragraph typeface.

The colors chosen were; an orange that closely resembles the color of beer, the light green for the color of hops & the navy to add contrast against the orange. The red is only featured for the when the user clicks no to a beer choice.

The pattern was made from the radio buttons used to fill out the questionnaire, because their match is determined from their answers chosen.

App Highlights

This highlight shows the onboarding of the app, and introduces the user to the features of Hoppy & how it works.

The user is then introduced to the fun and light-hearted questionnaire that helps Hoppy generate beer styles that best match the users taste based on their answers.

Based on the suggested results, the users will get beer options near their location displaying the name of the beer, the brewery, the hints of the beer based from the tags chosen from the questionnaire, the type of style, the alcohol content and a short description describing the flavor.

After the user matches with a beer they like, a notification will pop up telling them they have a message in their profile. Once in their profile, the user can change or update their palette or check their messages to see their maybes and matches. The user can drop down the arrow to find where to buy the beer or rate the beer after trying it so Hoppy can update their preferences based off that beer if needed.