Branding & UI

Expression is a social media & photo interactive platform that aims to create a safe space for the LGBTQA+ community & bring a closer sense of community.


Existing & new members struggle to build online or real life connections in their area to share collective experiences that have impacted them to feel more accepted, comfortable and to feel a closer sense of community.


The solution was to create an inclusive app for the LGBTQA+ community to become closer by letting individuals voice their stories & experiences, make virtual & real life connections, & to uplift each other through positive affirmations.


Expression invites any individuals in the LGBTQA+ community, new & existing members.

Brand Voice

Expression aspires for every individual to express their most genuine self with what ever expression, identity or sexual orientation you might be.

Mood Board

This project took inspiration from fun & organic elements, collaging & genuine photographs of people in the LGBTQA+ community to match the personality of expressing yourself.

Logo & App Logo with Tagline


Titling Gothic FB was designed by David Berlow and Roger Black at Font Bureau. This font was chosen because of its thick letters and boldness, which fit perfect for being "expressive." Stratos is a multiplexed, condensed and funky typeface by Yoann Minet that published through Production Type in 2016. For the colors, there was a mix bold tones with soft to create a delicate and personal UI to make individuals to feel more vulnerable and a place where they feel safe.

App Highlights

This highlight shows onboarding and what the app is about with collages of individuals expressing themselves combined with shapes and rectangles used in UI of the app.

Once the individual is on the sign up page, they can enter in their credentials. Sexuality, gender identity or expression are optional fields they can fill and change anytime in their profile, while pronouns is a required field to fill out. Based on their sexuality, (if they chose to fill it out) their home will have a community tab where they can see the whole community's feed and sub community to view individuals with the same sexuality as them.
They can then view their profile on the navigation to see their username, sexuality, gender identity or expression, pronouns and their assigned flag.

This highlight shows the most important feature, it's where the individual can write their own mantra, post it onto the mantra map based on their location, see what others posted and what uplifts them. The individual can choose a type of mantra they want to post about; positive, motivational, loving or quoted. Once they click on their selected mantra and write their desired message, they can view their post live on a map then view the different mantras in their area. They can zoom in and out of the map to view others in different radiuses and interact with different messages and people.