Diablo Coffee Co.

Branding & UI

Actually named El Diablo Coffee Co., this coffee shop is located in Seattle, Washington. Diablo Coffee has served unique artisan single origin blends & roasts in the Queen Anne neighborhood for 15+years. All their sandwiches, snacks & espresso drinks highlight their Cuban flavors.


The goal of this project was to revamp the identity of El Diablo to be more clean & modern, creating an eCommerce online ordering & rewards system that's convenient & easy for all on the go users.


Most popular coffee shop franchises have an app where users can order online, leaving options limited. For users who enjoy the smaller & local coffee shops do not have the convenience of ordering online. Users who are everyday coffee drinkers & loyal to a specific shop enjoy a rewards system where they can earn points with every dollar spent. However, they almost always have to download a separate app solely to keep track of your rewards.


The solution was to create an all in one eCommerce & rewards system app. It focuses on all that coffeeshops have to offer through their menu & an easy checkout process to then be directed to the rewards page to actively see the users points add up & redeem when needed.

Competitive Brand Analysis

The main competitors are the Starbucks & Joe app. On usability, the Starbucks app encompasses the solution for this project with an online ordering & rewards system all in one. The biggest complaint Starbucks gets is that it is limited, expensive, only caters to a few groups of people & lacks authenticity that coffee goers crave. The Joe app based in Washington was the inspiration for this rebrand, catering to over 50+ local coffee shops in the area, although lacking in visual design.

El Diablo's Current Brand Identity

Final Logo & BW Logo

With expanding the brand into an interactive app, the logo needed to be simplified even more. The final outcome consisted of reusing the red flame & incorporating a sleek condensed serif to bring out the elegance of the Cuban flare that encompasses their coffeeshop.

App Logo & Tagline


Nigara Regular was founded by David Berlow & Roger Black in 1989, in this project it is used for the logo & all headings. Roboto Condensed is a geometric typeface by Christian Robertson & is used for paragraph text to evoke friendliness with its open curves.
There were two patterns used in this project; the left was used in the packaging to show the tight shapes to create a uniformed pattern & the right was used in the intro screens of the app to show delicateness that the shapes could show.

This pattern was created from the little flame apart of the Diablo typeface logo. The pattern helps create a delicate touch for a brand that's elegant.


To download this app, the users would have to be in the physical space of El Diablo to access the link on the iPad when ordering coffee, searching the app in their app store or from word of mouth. If the user is at El Diablo, they would simply enter in their phone number on the iPad kiosk to get automated text messages with a link to download the app with a little incentive, because who doesn't like free things?

This highlight shows the organization of the app. It is divided in simple categories with no long unnecessary scrolling, the flame icon next to the menu item to show popularity, brief descriptions of the item so you know exactly what you're getting & easily functionality to go to the cart, deleting items & going back.

This highlights the checkout & reward screens. After the user presses continue from their cart, they will choose the type of payment by selecting the flame, reviewing their order with the total after taxes & pick up location. Once the user arrives at the location, they will scan the QR code given to them to prove payment & to add the points to your account.